Best Cyber Monday Amazon Deals 2017

Amazon will likely have some impressive deals lined up for Cyber Monday 2017.

2 months ago by Larryn Bell in Guides

Cyber Monday was created to be the online shopper’s alternative to Black Friday. No lines, no crowds, just amazing deals right at your fingertips all day long. With Amazon being primarily dealing in online merchandise sales, it would be surprising if Amazon didn’t have some exciting specials lined up for Cyber Monday. Last year, Amazon ran Cyber Monday deals all week long leading up to the big shopping day. In anticipation of Cyber Monday 2017, let’s have a look at what Amazon had to offer during last year’s event. 

Best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals - Consoles

Last year, Amazon was one of the main outlets selling the PS4 Uncharted 4 Limited Edition Console Bundle for just $338, which saved you $30. For gamers on Xbox, Amazon had various Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles for sale as well, each bundled with a copy of either Minecraft or Battlefield 1. With Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Destiny 2, and Call of Duty: WW2 on the horizon, we might see similar console bundles pop up during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017. 

Best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals - Video Games

Cyber Monday is one of the best times to look for deals and discounts on popular video games and older games alike. Retailers like Amazon like to use the Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping craze as a means to boost sales on games that didn’t sell well at launch or that never got adequate attention. As we mentioned earlier, some games will also be bundled with console specials as an added incentive. Here’s what Amazon’s video game deals looked like during Cyber Monday last year: 

Best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals - PC Hardware

PC gamers should look no further than Cyber Monday to find some great deals on PC gadgets and peripherals on Amazon. Last year, Amazon had some great promotions going on all week long for gaming laptops, keyboards, mice, and headsets. Here’s a couple of notable Amazon deals from their previous Cyber Monday sale: 

Best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals - TVs

With 4K-enabled devices like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S making their way into our living rooms, more people are looking to upgrade their TVs to get the most out of their console’s 4K capabilities. Amazon is surely looking to capitalize on this trend by offering deals and promotions on 4K TVs from various brands. Here’s some of Amazon’s best Cyber Monday TV deals from last year: 

Best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals - Amazon Products

Of course, Amazon is going to utilize both Black Friday and Cyber Monday to push promotions on their own products, including the Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire HD, and Amazon Tap devices. Consumers looking to get the latest tech gadgets from Amazon for their living room should get ready to shop during Cyber Monday. Here’s what sort of Amazon deals we can expect on their branded devices, based on promotions from last year:

Amazon Prime Membership Deals and Benefits

Any shopper who plans on diving into Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals this year should definitely have an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime members usually get early access to special deals and promotions during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which means you stand to be (virtually) the first in line for many of their best deals. Plus, Amazon Prime comes with other benefits like access to the Amazon Prime Video library and even Twitch Prime for gamers who enjoy watching livestreams without ads. 

We’ll keep this page up to date as Cyber Monday 2017 approaches, so be sure to check back here for the latest on Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals.