Slime Rancher: Gordo Slime Locations

Find out the location of all the Gordo Slimes and which drop Slime Keys!

5 months ago by Felicia Miranda

Gordo slimes are the gigantic and adorable slimes that you’ll find hidden in various locations throughout Slime Rancher. They're a manifestation of many slimes of the same kind that have come together and mutated into one huge and very hungry slime. Hence the name, Gordo! To burst a Gordo slime, you’ll have to feed it until it explodes. This can take quite a lot of food and quite a lot of time but is worth the effort because of the many precious things they hide. Below is a list of the slimes, where to find them, and what they drop. Make sure to watch the video to get a better idea of where to find all 9 of the Gordo slimes.

Pink Gordo

There are two Pink Gordo slimes located in the Dry Reef. One is located off a bridge at the beginning of Dry Reef and the other on the way to the top of Arch Island. Popping these will prompt them to drop a Slime Key.

Rock Gordo

There are two Rock Gordo slimes located in Indigo Quarry, one after the caves entry tunnel and the other behind a broken down bridge. Once you’ve popped them, this will open up teleporters. One will make access to your ranch easier, and the other will give you access to Volcano Island.

Phospher Gordo

There’s only one Phospher Gordo and it can be found hidden along the edge of the end of Dry Reef inside of a cave. This slime will drop a Slime Key.

Tabby Gordo

There’s two Tabby Gordos hidden around the Dry Reef, one near the end near the bridge and the other located on it's own island near the beach. Popping them will unlock 2 teleporters. One Tabby will give you faster access to the ranch and the other will grant you access to Arch Island.

Rad Gordo

There’s one Rad Gordo located in a cave in the Indigo Quarry but you will have to proceed with caution since he can hurt you with his radiation. The more you feed this Gordo, the bigger the area his radiation will cover!

Honey Gordo

You can find the Honey Gordo in the second portion of Moss Blanket, located on top of a mossy cliff. You can reach it by using a small protruding walkway or a jetpack. This Gordo will drop a Slime Key.

Make sure to come prepared when popping Gordos! Pink Gordo Slime only require 50 pieces of food while the rest require 75 (unless you bring it's favorite food then it will be slightly less.) If you love Slime Rancher, you have to check out Stardew Valley or see the nominees for who won best gameplay in 2016. Make sure to watch the video to find the exact locations of the Gordos and good luck on your hunt fellow Slime Ranchers!