Slime Rancher: Gordo Slime Locations

Track down every Gordo Slime in Slime Rancher and get them to drop Slime Keys.

3 weeks ago by Larryn Bell in Guides

Gordo Slimes are the gigantic and adorable slimes that you’ll find hidden in various locations throughout Slime Rancher. They're a manifestation of many slimes of the same kind that have come together and mutated into one huge and very hungry slime. Hence the name, Gordo!

To burst a Gordo Slime, you’ll have to feed it until it explodes. This can take quite a lot of food and quite a lot of time but is worth the effort because of the many precious things they hide. Below is a list of the slimes and where to find them. Gordo Slimes drop Slime Keys and other items when they burst, which can be used to unlock various Slime Gates throughout Far, Far Range.

Pink Gordo

Pink Gordo Slime

There are two Pink Gordo slimes located in the Dry Reef. One is located off a bridge at the beginning of Dry Reef. The other one is on the way to the top of Arch Island. Pink Gordo Slimes don't have a food preference, so just feed them any food you've got and they'll eventually burst. Popping these will prompt them to drop a Slime Key.

Rock Gordo

Rock Gordo Slime

There are two Rock Gordo slimes located in Indigo Quarry. The first one is after the cave entry tunnel at the back of the area. The other is beyond the broken bridge. Use the ramp on the side to find the pit with the Rock Gordo.

Instead of Slime Keys, Rock Gordo Slimes are among the few Gordos that drop Teleporters. One will make access to your ranch easier, and the other will give you access to Volcano Island.

Phospher Gordo

Phosphor Gordo Slime

There’s only one Phospher Gordo and it can be found hidden along the edge of the end of Dry Reef inside of a cave. After finding the Rock Slimes, head through the Dry Reef tunnel. Go left to find a wall that you can jump over. Behind you will be a cave with the Phosphor Gordo inside. The Phosphor Gordo Slime will drop a Slime Key when fed enough food (Cuberry is its favorite).

Tabby Gordo

Tabby Gordo Slime

There’s two Tabby Gordos hidden around the Dry Reef. Head toward the bridge that takes you to Moss Blanket. On the right, you'll see a Tabby Gordo Slime. Popping it will allow you to access the Teleporter it's sitting on.

The other Tabby Gordo Slime is located on it's own island near the beach. This one will also allow you to access a Teleporter. One Tabby will give you faster access to the ranch and the other will grant you access to Arch Island.

Rad Gordo

Rad Gordo Slime

The Rad Gordo Slime is radioactive, which means it can harm you with radiation. The Rad Gordo can be found inside a cave beyond where you found the Rock Gordos. Starting where you found the first Rock Gordo, use your jetpack to fly over the nearby pillars. Jump across the next set of pillars to reach the landing. Go through the cave, and look for a wooden ramp. Follow the ramp down and continue along the path. Look for some green crystals on the right. This leads you to a hidden cave where you'll find the Rad Gordo. 

The more you feed this Gordo, the more irradiated the area will become. Keep an eye on the green radiation meter on your display as you feed the Rad Gordo. Feed it Oca Ocas to speed up the process and prevent it from releasing too much radiation. When it pops, the Rad Gordo drops a Slime Key, several crates, and some Rad Slimes that continue to irradiate you.

Honey Gordo

Honey Gordo Slime

You can find the Honey Gordo in the second portion of Moss Blanket, located on top of a mossy cliff. You can reach it by using a small protruding walkway or a jetpack. Any food will do the trick, but feeding the Honey Gordo some Mint Mangos will get it to pop much sooner. The Honey Gordo drops a Slime Key when it explodes.

Hunter Gordo

Hunter Gordo Slime

The Hunter Gordo Slime is found in the Moss Blanket. Continue through the mushroom filled area. The Hunter Gordo is sitting on top of a large mushrooom cap. The Hunter Gordo likes to blend in, so it may be a bit difficult to find at first. The Hunter Gordo loves Roostros, and will drop a Slime Key when it explodes.

Boom Gordo

Boom Gordo Slime

The Boom Gordo Slime is found towards the end of the Ancient Ruins area. From the first archway, you can look down and see the red rear of the Boom Gordo through the crack in the wall down below. Activate a switch on the platform across the gap, and then drop down beneath the archway. Go through the round doorway, then follow the wooden ramp towards the water. Jump up and to the left to reach the platform with the Boom Gordo. You may have to activate the previous switch first. 

Feed the Boom Gordo a ton of Briar Hens or other meat to make it go boom! When it bursts, it will drop a Slime Key, crates, and several smaller Boom slimes.

Quantum Gordo

Quantum Gordo Slime

To find the Quantum Gordo Slime, make your way through the Ancient Ruins until you reach the final archway by the Glass Desert portal. From the portal, face the stone wall on the perimeter of the ruins, then drop down off the edge of the ruins near the corner. There is a skinny path you can land on just before the Slime Sea. At the corner of the path, you'll find a well-hidden alcove containing the Quantum Gordo Slime. Feed the Quantum some Phase Lemons to make it pop and drop a Slime Key.

Dervish Gordo

Dervish Gordo Slime

The Dervish Gordo is located on a high ledge in the Glass Desert. Look for a fountain of Tangle Slimes surrounded by higher ledges. Use your jetpack to fly up to the ledge above the Tangle Slimes. You may need to jump up to a nearby ledge first in order to land on the Dervish Gordo ledge. Once you're there, feed the Dervish Gordo a bunch of Prickle Pears or any other food you may have. The Dervish Gordo drops a Slime Key.

Mosaic Gordo

Mosaic Gordo Slime

The Mosaic Gordo is located atop a high platform in the Glass Desert, inside a small cavity in the stone wall. The Mosaic Gordo is above one of the fountain locations, and is blocking the path to the next area. Feed the Mosaic Gordo Silver Parsnips or other veggies to make it pop, clearing the pathway and dropping another Slime Key.

Tangle Gordo

Tangle Gordo Slime

The Tangle Gordo is found in the tower ruins in the Glass Desert. Simply go up the ramp, and you'll find the Tangle Gordo in a small room at the top. The Tangle Gordo eats meat, but prefers Painted Hens. Once it explodes, the Tangle Gordo will reveal a Teleporter, as well as drop several small Tangle Slimes and some crates.

Crystal Gordo

To find the Crystal Gordo in Slime Rancher, you must first pop the second Rock Gordo in the Indigo Quarry, revealing a Teleporter. The Teleporter lets you travel to a volcanic island called Ash Isle. Once you're at the island, pass through the cave ahead of the teleporter. Follow the spiral path leading up to several higher ledges above. At the top, use your jetpack to hover across to the landing area. The Crystal Gordo can be seen sticking up from inside the stone ring ahead. Crystal Gordos like Odd Onions, but any veggie will do.

Pink Gordo Slimes require 45 food items, while all the other Gordo Slimes require 65 food items to get them to burst and drop Slime Keys. Come prepared with the right food items as you search for each Gordo Slime in Slime Rancher.