All Document and Recording Locations in Outlast 2

Here’s where you can find all collectible documents and recordings in Outlast 2.
April 24, 2017 11:22 AM by Morgan Shaver

Outlast 2 is similar to its predecessor in the way you find documents and recordings using your trusty camera. There are specific locations where you’ll need to use your camera in order to gain insight into the Outlast 2 story.

As such, players should make a point to collect all of these camera recordings. Additionally, there are documents hidden in Outlast 2 that provide clues about some of the unique characters you’ve encountered.

To give you a good head start, we’ve put together a quick guide on where you can find all documents and recordings in Outlast 2.

Note: We'll be updating this guide with additional documents and recordings as they're discovered. 

Jane Doe Part 1 and 2

The Jane Doe recordings, parts 1 and 2, are captured during the intro portion of the game. All players should have these two recordings in Outlast 2.

The Wreckage

The next recording in Outlast 2 is located after the helicopter crash intro at the beginning of the game. After Blake wakes up, activate the camera and film the crash site. This will allow you to collect the recording of The Wreckage, which can be played back to hear Blake’s thoughts.

The Crucified Pilot

As you continue down the path beyond the helicopter crash site, you’ll find the body of a pilot hanging from a tree trunk (vaguely reminiscent of that pilot episode from Lost). Use your camera to capture the scene, then replay it to learn Blake’s thoughts on this gruesome scene in Outlast 2.

The Impossible Town

After you continue on past the point where you recorded the pilot’s body, you’ll come to a canyon with a church steeple in the distance. Use your camera and focus it on the steeple to collect The Impossible Town recording in Outlast 2.

My Dear Sweet Ellie

The first document in Outlast 2 can be found in the first village you explore. Here, you’ll enter a small home and will find a corpse sprawled out across a table. Next to the corpse on the table is the document, “My Dear Sweet Ellie.”

Remembering the Lost

The next video recording you can collect in Outlast 2 is near where you learn how to open windows. Nearby, there will be a strange wall with creepy dolls. Use your camera and focus in on the wall to collect the video recording, “Remembering the Lost.”

We will continue to update this guide as more documents and recordings are discovered in Outlast 2. Be sure to check back, and let us know if you’ve found anything cool while playing Outlast 2.

By reading through this guide, you should now know where to find all of the documents and recordings in Outlast 2.