Paladins - How to Disable Auto Purchase Items

Where you can turn off the option to Auto Purchase Items in Paladins.
May 5, 2017 8:57 AM by Morgan Shaver

In Paladins, the items you purchase during a match are typically set to be auto-purchased for you by default, unless you know how and where to turn this particular option off. Locating the Auto Purchase Items feature in the Paladins Options menu can be a pain for some Paladins players, as many don’t realize it’s set to “on” by default until completing a match or two.

Trust us, it’s quite frustrating to be in the middle of the match and realize that all of your items are being purchased for you. Oftentimes, the items that are auto-purchased for you by default are not the ones you actually need for the match. Primarily because necessity changes dramatically depending on the team composition of your enemies.

To help, we’ve put together a handy guide on how you can go about turning the Auto Purchase Items feature off in Paladins.

How to Turn Off Auto Purchase Items in Paladins

How to disable the Auto Purchase Items feature in Paladins.

First, you’ll want to head over to the “Options” menu in Paladins. Here, you’re able to adjust things like audio, video, controls, and gameplay settings.

First, head to the Options menu in Paladins.

Next, head to the “Gameplay” tab and scroll down until you see the option that reads “Auto Purchase Items.” Often, this feature will be set to “Enabled” by default. If you’ve been having trouble with items being purchased for you during a match, it is because this feature is set to “Enabled.”

Make sure you hit Apply after you turn Auto Purchase Items over to Disabled.

Now that you’re here in the Gameplay tab, scroll to turn Auto Purchase Items to the “Disabled” setting. Before you exit, make sure you hit “Apply” down at the bottom to save your new change.

This will ensure that while you’re playing a match and earning Credits, you can physically assign which items you purchase with said credits rather than letting Paladins choose for you (often poorly).

By reading this guide, you should now know how to turn off the Auto Purchase Items feature in Paladins.