The Witcher Netflix Series: 7 Actors We'd Love to See Play Geralt - Sean Bean

These actors would fit the role of Geralt of Rivia perfectly in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Witcher.
January 1, 2017 1:05 PM by Morgan Shaver

1) Sean Bean

Finally, we have the least likely candidate of all the actors on this list… Sean Bean. While Sean Bean has often been typecast into roles where he quickly ends up dying (something that has become a bit of a meme over the years), no one would argue with the statement that he’s an incredible actor. No matter what role he’s assigned, Bean always manages to find a way to make it his own.

Then you have the fact that Bean’s calm, but authoritative voice feels like it’d fit well with Geralt. In fact, he's even leant his smooth voice to video games including Sid Meier’s Civilization VI and Kholat. Overall, we really like Sean Bean, and we can’t help but think he’d make a great Geralt. Will he be cast as Geralt? No, probably (definitely) not. Could he do an amazing job should Netflix decide to seek him out? Absolutely!


Which actor would you love to see fill the role of Geralt in Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of The Witcher? Let us know in the comments below!