Indie Horror Games That Will Really Freak You Out - The Forest

These games will make Five Nights At Freddie's feel like a walk in the park. 
June 1, 2016 2:08 PM by Morgan Shaver

3. The Forest

This open-world survival game by Endnight Games will task you with surviving on a strange forested island full of inhabitants intent on killing you. After a plane crash, your character watches helplessly as sinister-looking mutants drag their son away. Whether or not you’ll be able to recover him alive is a mystery, and one that is put on hold as you try to stay alive long enough to help him and yourself.

The Forest has a wonderful survival element, as you build yourself a shelter, collect supplies, and craft weapons to defend yourself against the monstrous cannibals that inhabit the island. These creatures become far more aggressive at night, so keeping a fire lit and weapons on hand is always a good idea. There are no set missions, so how you play the game is left entirely up to you. This is a terrifying premise, and one you’ll fail countless times as you watch your character get brutally murdered.

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