Most Shocking Video Game Moments - The Forest

From the frightening, to the traumatic, to the downright strange, these shocking game moments are forever embedded within our minds.
January 1, 2017 10:15 AM by Morgan Shaver

Finding Timmy - The Forest

The Forest begins with you losing your young son Timmy after a plane crash. As you work to survive in the unforgiving wilderness surrounding you, you also go through the motions of trying to find him. While The Forest boasts its fair share of scares, none compare to the odd details you learn once you actually find Timmy.

It can be a bit shocking to spend so much time searching for Timmy only to find him dead. Not only that, but learning you're actually able to revive him. Grim as the process may be. It’s a tragic story of the lengths a parent will go to protect their children. Plus, it’s definitely twisted to see the monstrous creature emerge from Megan

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