Try Something New In These 5 Indie Simulators - EuroTruck Simulator 2

If you want to be a goat you're in luck, because we're taking a look at five of the best indie simulator games on the market.
May 1, 2016 2:30 PM by Morgan Shaver

4. EuroTruck Simulator 2

Where other indie simulation games forgo accuracy in favor of comedy, EuroTruck Simulator 2 is pleasantly well designed and highly rated. Offering pleasant graphics and responsive controls, you’ll cruise through vast European countryside exploring new routes and completing deliveries. You begin as a lowly truck driver forced to work for established companies.

Once you prove yourself worthy and amass enough cash, you can purchase your own rig and rent a truck yard. After doing this, you’re free to dictate the jobs you take and where you go. Of course, you don’t have to play the game’s objectives. There’s also a fun multiplayer mod that allows you to grab some friends and form your own convoy while chattering away on CB radio.

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