Slime Rancher - All Map Node Locations

Here’s where to find and activate every map node in Slime Rancher.
August 23, 2017 12:30 PM by Larryn Bell

The Navigation Update for Slime Rancher added various new features, including an overworld map of the Far, Far Range. To bring up the map, press M or right on the D-Pad. At first, only a portion of the map will be available. In order to unlock the rest of the map, players must find map nodes that are hidden in each region of the Far, Far Range. 

Slime Rancher - All Map Nodes

Here's what a map node looks like in Slime Rancher prior to activation.

There is one map node per region, and activating the node will reveal that section of the world map. This guide will explain where to find all the map nodes in Slime Rancher, along with a picture of Beatrix on the map for a visual representation. In each image below, Beatrix's icon is pointing toward the map node location. Special thanks to UltimatePortalMaster for helping with the images. 

Dry Reef Map Node

Dry Reef Map Node Location

Starting from the Ranch, head out into the Dry Reef and follow the path closest to the water. Go to the area with the water geyser and cave. Face toward the water and you’ll find the first map node on the left near the ledge. 

Indigo Quarry Map Node

Indigo Quarry Map Node Location

The Indigo Quarry map node is located inside the cave where you find the first Rock Gordo. From the Ranch, pass through the Grotto and go through the cave. Teleport to the cave where the Gordo used to be. Go forward to the opposite wall to find the map node, just left of the exit. 

Moss Blanket Map Node

Moss Blanket Map Node Location

Go across the long bridge leading to the door to the Moss Blanket. Walk across the large center area to reach several ledges on the other side. Hop up to the top plateau where the large tree is to find the Moss Blanket map node. 

Ancient Ruins Map Node

Ancient Ruins Map Node Location

From the Moss Blanket, head east to the Ancient Ruins. Go through the huge decorated gate to the ruins and head toward the center of the area. To the right, you’ll find the Ancient Ruins map node before reaching the hallways leading to the Glass Desert teleporter. 

Glass Desert Map Node

Use the teleporter to travel to the Glass Desert. Head to the tower where the Tangle Gordo is located. On the ground level, pass around to the back side of the Tangle Gordo tower to find the Glass Desert map node just beneath the stone circle. 

If you need further clarification, check out this helpful video from The Cast.

If you followed the steps in this guide, you should now be able to activate every map node in Slime Rancher.