Modder Hacks Game Boy Color to Run PUBG

It’s technically possible, but not recommended.
September 27, 2017 11:13 AM by Nate Hohl

Bluehole’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has already proved to be a wildly successful PC game, and its upcoming Xbox One version will likely pull in some solid player numbers as well. However, one modder recently managed to get the Early Access shooter running on what is probably the last platform you’d expect: Nintendo’s Game Boy Color.

Yes, the iconic 1998 handheld which took users out of the dark ages of monochrome-colored handheld gaming is indeed able to run PUBG…with a few custom tweaks, that is. As he explained over on the website Hacker, modder Michael Darby was able to get PUBG up and running on Nintendo’s primitive handheld by basically combining it with a Raspberry Pi modding kit along with other odds and ends.

The custom modifications granted through the Raspberry Pi eventually allowed Darby to enable Steam’s Big Picture mode on the Game Boy Color, and from there it was simply a matter of streaming PUBG from his gaming PC. Of course, due to the Game Boy Color’s small number of buttons, Darby was unable to perform basic functions within the game like reloading. Because of this, Darby doesn’t recommend the Game Boy Color as a reliable go-to method.

Currently, PUBG has only been confirmed for a PC and Xbox One launch, though many fans are assuming that a PlayStation 4 version will eventually be announced as well. However, if Nintendo catches wind of Darby’s little Game Boy Color project, it might just be inspired to bring the battle royale shooter over to the Nintendo Switch. Even if Nintendo is amiable to the idea, though, Bluehole would likely want to get its currently ongoing issues with Epic Games sorted out first before it gave any serious consideration to the idea.