Explore The Galaxy In Xeodrifter

Visit dangerous new planets and learn more about your surroundings in Renegade Kid's 2D side-scroller.
August 8, 2016 12:02 PM by Morgan Shaver

Fans of classic games like Metroid will find a lot to love in Renegade Kid’s 2D side-scrolling adventure game, Xeodrifter. The idea for Xeodrifter first originated within the mind of developer Jools Watsham, whose love for the Metroidvania genre inspired the overall aesthetic of Xeodrifter. While playing through the game, Watsham’s appreciation for classic gaming components will shine through, and flood you with blissful nostalgia.

The game’s story is kept minimalistic, with the opening cutscene showcasing a spaceship colliding with an asteroid. Players will have the opportunity to form their own narrative conclusions as they explore four planets with the primary objective of collecting a mysterious green crystal in order to patch up your ship’s warp core. However, there’s far more to Xeodrifter beneath this introductory premise. As you drift through space, you’ll encounter strange alien environments and interesting predicaments. You’ll have the ability to analyze each planet’s unique dangers, and subsequently uncover pathways around the planet.

Caution is encouraged when approaching things on a planet’s surface, as even a seemingly harmless water basin can cause you a lot of problems. Xeodrifter isn’t solely about exploration, and seeking out that much-needed crystal. To progress forward in the game you will be required to fight, and defeat, bosses who drop power-ups that help unlock six new skills as well as a way forward through blocked routes. To achieve this, Xeodrifter has a traditional run-and-gun style combat that allows you hold down autofire and continue to shoot while moving around.

This combat is extremely fun, and definitely offers more versatility than other 2D shooters on the market. Once you grab your power-up, you’ll realize most of the power-ups obtainable in Xeodrifter are straightforward, enabling you to bypass locked sections and explore more terrain. However, there are other upgrades in Xeodrifter that can actually alter gameplay including the Plane Shift Power which doubles the area players can explore by adding an additional depth of field to the game. In addition, Xeodrifter’s unique Rocket Power can reveal nifty shortcuts and diverse verticality that gives you a hand in picking up collectibles that have been craftily hidden.

Every upgrade serves a purpose, and gives you added flexibility while playing the game. For example, additions made to your gun can change the way it functions allowing you to choose between increased fire, spread shot, wave gun, and punchier bullets. Xeodrifter is equal parts side-scroller, shooter, exploration game, and strategy. Players can strategize their exploration with their ability to pick and choose where to explore based on the indicated difficulty level of a planet.

Overall, Xeodrifter is a pleasant throwback and offers plenty of new ideas to keep it fresh and enjoyable. If you’ve been longing for a good old-fashioned space romp, then definitely give Xeodrifter a try.

You can check out Xeodrifter's trailer below, and buy Xeodrifter on Steam!

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