Preview | Sea Salt

A delightful blend of Pikmin and dark, Lovecraftian horror.
November 21, 2019 9:30 AM by Nathaniel Vincent

Have you ever wanted a new Pikmin game? One with a Lovecraftian theme? One where you could sick terrifying creatures of the sea on the innocent and get lots of gold (and blood) out of it as well?

Well, “Sea Salt” is an indie game by YCJY Games that recently released on Steam, and I have to say, our oddly specific desires have been quenched!

Sea Salt features a lovely pixelated art style that complements its simple gameplay and fits well with a theme that's based around the Lovecraftian horror, Dagon.

The game also has an interesting plot that’s supported by phenomenal dialogue, even though it isn’t a game that’s particularly heavy when it comes to dialogue.

The writing in Sea Salt is phenomenal. 
© YCJY Games

As mentioned before, the game is remarkably similar to Nintendo's "Pikmin" games. However, instead of collecting food to save your race, your eldritch army swarms through village after village, preying on the innocent and soldiers too afraid to stand their ground against you.

Your army is customizable, allowing you to mix together creatures of your choosing.

You can summon more fiends at an altar – which only appear a few times per level and can only be used once – or you can summon monsters whenever the need arises if you collect enough wealth to fill up your Gold Meter.

In Sea Salt, you'll fill a Gold Meter by destroying structures and families. 
© YCJY Games

The Gold Meter is supplied with gold you acquire by destroying structures and families. The soldiers don't appear to be capable of dropping gold, so I guess that says something about their pay rates and why they run from you half the time.

At the end of each level, you'll unlock a new card. These cards are essentially used to summon Lovecraftian horrors to your army.

You can mix up your army with as many different horrors as you want, utilizing mages, slimy worms, blobs that birth new enemies when they die… or crabs!

I always fill my army with as many crabs as I can. I find the sight of people running away from ravenous crabs set forth by a terrifying, mysterious god of pure evil and chaos from the depths of an unforgiving chasm to be quite funny.

Yes, you can fill your armies full of crabs in Sea Salt. 
© YCJY Games

At the end of each level, there's a boss fight against a loveable pixelated character. When you win, Dagon grasps their limbs and tugs until they explode into blood, speakers echoing their cries into a realm where their destiny is predetermined and made for our twisted entertainment.

Have I mentioned this game is violent?

Overall, Sea Salt is a surreal, yet fun experience. It has an impressive amount of polish, the world is delightfully dark and intriguing, and the music is pretty darn good too!

If you want to check out Sea Salt for yourself, be sure to pick up a copy over on Steam