Little Dungeon Stories | Review

The dungeon may be little, but the adventure is much larger.
January 21, 2020 7:15 AM by Nathaniel Vincent

Little Dungeon Stories is a cute take on the classic RPG formula, introducing random chance and adventure in the form of swipeable cards.

You’re presented with a new card every time you swipe which details an event that takes place in relation to your choices from the previous card. For that particular event, you can swipe the card either left or right depending on whichever corresponding choice you prefer.

I find that it’s a lot like the app Tinder, but with more rewarding gameplay.

Little Dungeon Stories features a fun swipe mechanic, similar to the app Tinder.
© David Moralejo Sánchez

Each card typically affects one of four major stats: Health, Energy, Humanity, and Gold. Health and Gold obviously indicate your well-being and whether or not you can afford something, while Energy is affected by more physically taxing choices. I found Humanity to be the most dangerous and important stat of them all.

Your Humanity decreases every time you swipe a card – which is essentially every time you do anything. Your Humanity also decreases greatly when you make greedy or morally incorrect choices. If your Humanity reaches zero, it results in an instant game over.

So try to play your games like a proper gentleman, and for god’s sake, hoard as many Humanity potions as possible!

Humanity is one of the most important resources in Little Dungeon Stories.
© David Moralejo Sánchez

The main objective of the game is to progress through as many floors of the dungeon as possible, trying to keep yourself alive all while battling living skeletons and getting gnawed on by rats.

When you get down to it, Little Dungeon Stories is more of a resource management game than anything else as you’re required to make the best choices possible for maintaining your four key stats.

You’ll sometimes come across shops, blacksmiths, and libraries that will help you manage your stats, though there’s often a steep price attached.

Shops can help you manage your stats in Little Dungeon Stories... for a price.
© David Moralejo Sánchez

Every hundredth floor or so, you’ll encounter a boss who’ll halt your progress through the Little Dungeon. If you think you have what it takes at this point, you can fight them and claim both their treasure and their head! Everytime you savagely murder a boss you’re also given the choice to restore one of your key stats, which I find to be the greatest reward of them all.

Don’t be misled by the game’s cuteness and overall simplicity, you will die… a lot.

This game requires ample patience and strategic thinking, the ability to manage your crippling stats, and the skill to survive the many random threats and dangers the dungeon throws at you with each swipe of the cards. Dying isn’t so bad though because when you do die, you get a custom story of your character that’s inspired by the choices you make during the game. It’s a really nice touch, and somehow disperses all

All in all, the game is very fun and quite the clever idea. It plays a lot like a Dungeon and Dragons sort of experience minus the horrendous sociality of it all. Little Dungeon Stories is available on Steam at the inexpensive price of $7.99, and the game is constantly being updated with new cards and new experiences.

Personally, I’d like to see this turned into a mobile game. It has a very pickup-and-go feel to it, plus the simplicity and swiping mechanic would really be at home on mobile. Of course, playing on desktop doesn’t take away from the game’s feel and I highly encourage you to check it out!