All Day Dying | Review

Dying... all day...
January 27, 2020 3:39 PM by Nathaniel Vincent

All Day Dying is an arcade-style first-person shooter that reminds me a lot of the game SUPERHOT. You blast your way from level to level, racking up the highest score possible by completing the level as quickly, and stylishly, as you can.

Unfortunately, All Day Dying lives up to its namesake by being one of the hardest games out there, so you will indeed be “dying all day” until you learn each level in and out and you’re blasting your way through it like a pro.

This is something I love because of how it rewards you for taking your time, learning each level and completing it in different ways. 

All Day Dying is one of the hardest indie games out there.
© Paulo Lopes

The gameplay is fast-paced, requiring you to constantly be on the move in order to avoid getting shot, as well as having to complete the level at a reasonable time.

The game can sometimes be utter chaos with the number of bullets flying in your direction, all of the enemy types taking aim at you, and how quickly and easily you can die. The game is beautiful to look at with a vibrant color palette and varied levels, each with their own objectives and optional side missions.

It also runs quite smoothly, a feat made all the more incredible considering the game was developed by one person. Killing stuff feels satisfying with headshots giving off those sweet, satisfying “pop” noises and an instantaneous kill.

You can use weapons, or your foot, to take out enemies in All Day Dying. 
© Paulo Lopes

Along with being offered all sorts of weapons like shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, and even gatling guns, I find using your own foot can really get the job done.

You can simply walk up to an enemy and kick them in the face for an insta-kill! It’s always glorious to do so, especially after chaining a large gatling gun combo and getting ambushed from behind the wall by an enemy only to kick their face in. It’s genuinely magical.

The only thing better than that is sliding out of the starting gate in some levels and literally goomba stomping enemies. Yes, you can land on top of them for another instant kill, and it’s – have I said the word “magical” yet?

Starting out as someone’s passion project and then escalating into something a lot more, All Day Dying is an addicting Time Attack FPS game with a surprising amount of content including some free DLC that’s on its way as of the tippity-tapping of this article.

I would highly recommend All Day Dying to anyone with free time as this is one of the higher quality indie games I’ve played in quite a while.

You can grab a copy of All Day Dying for $9.99 on Steam, and try out the demo for free on!