Neko Ghost, Jump! | Interview with Victor Burgos

Learn more about gameplay, setting, and features that help make Neko Ghost, Jump! a true standout among indie platformers.
July 14, 2020 2:44 PM by Morgan Shaver

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a platformer that immediately caught our attention, not only because of its adorable main character, but also because of the unique way in which you play. In Neko Ghost, Jump! you’re given the opportunity to switch things up, changing how you view and interact with the landscape around you.

Not only can you toggle your camera perspective between 2D and 3D, your character can also switch between two forms – physical and ghost.

The clever way in which Neko Ghost, Jump! balances all of these elements makes it so that you’re always thinking about how you’re going to approach each area. It also adds a deep layer of strategy to the game’s exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving elements.

The choices in Neko Ghost, Jump! aren’t relegated to gameplay alone either. You can customize your kitty character’s appearance and unlock new items and accessories for them to wear. With all of these elements combined, we find ourselves genuinely excited to eventually play Neko Ghost, Jump!, and we also find ourselves wanting to know even more about its backstory.

As you can expect, we were delighted to hear from Victor Burgos, Creative Director at Burgos Games, who agreed to answer all of our burning questions about the game. Want to know more? Read on for a purrfect look at Neko Ghost, Jump! from Burgos Games!

Neko Ghost, Jump! | Interview with Victor Burgos

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What inspired you to create a unique platformer like Neko Ghost, Jump!?

Victor: It originally started out as an Unreal Engine Game Jam submission, the theme was “The Other Side of the Coin”, so I was thinking about things that were closely related by opposites, such as 2D & 3D cameras and Physical and Ghost forms.

Once we were done and submitted, I really felt we had something special and so I prompted my team to see who wanted to stay onboard while I took care of all the costs and troubles on the business side of things.

How long has the game been in development and how many people are working on the game?

Victor: The game has been in development for one year and one month now, while only 3 members (myself included) stayed on from the original game jam team, I have been blessed with picking up 6 additional team members along the way.

Are there any challenges in making a platformer like Neko Ghost, Jump! with a small team?

Victor: The biggest issue is time commitment, I am the only one working full-time (60-80 hrs) on the project, while everyone else is working 5-10 hours a week on average.

While it may seem like a big team (bigger than most indie teams starting out), and managing all of them can be very time consuming, I don’t have a full time staff.

Simply put though, I don’t think there’s anything different between a platformer and in let’s say an FPS in regards to challenges, you have an end goal and there are milestones that need to be met, everyone faces the same obstacles, some fare better than others (especially in regards to marketing/public relations).

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Can you tell us a little more about the core gameplay of Neko Ghost, Jump!?

Victor: There are three key gameplay aspects to the game, the first one is switching between 2D & 3D camera perspectives, which allows you to navigate parts of the levels that are otherwise blocked.

The second gameplay mechanic is switching between your physical and ghost forms, in ghost form you are able to combat enemies with your swordfish and find hidden objects.

Using these two mechanics allows you to solve the puzzles in the game. Third big feature is our leaderboards, we have them in every level and they are cross-platform, great for speedrunners.

What is the setting of Neko Ghost, Jump!, what is the backstory behind the characters and world they explore?

Victor: The game takes place on Nekoworld, a very friendly and happy planet full of cat people.

Nekoman is about to marry his sweetheart Nekogirl when all of the sudden Space Dog Pirates come out of nowhere and abduct her and all of his friends and family.

Why did you choose an adorable cat as the game’s main character? What other adorable creatures can be found in Neko Ghost, Jump!?

Victor: People like cute things. People think cats (especially kittens) are cute. I am appealing to their love for cute things. There are too many to list, but all of them are now hostile because of the wormhole exploding.

© Burgos Games

Continuing that thought, what sort of formidable foes will players encounter in Neko Ghost, Jump!?

Victor: You have plants that spit at you, bite at you, you have monkeys that throw poop at you, birds that will poop on you, big scorpions that will try to pincer you and big bad bosses that will impede your progress.

Is there a learning curve to Neko Ghost, Jump!, or can anyone jump in and play?

Victor: For the most part, if you’ve ever played a platformer, you can get the basics down pretty quickly. However, most people start to get tripped up when it comes to switching between 2D & 3D perspectives.

It takes them a little while to wrap their heads around it.

How many levels and biomes does Neko Ghost, Jump! have? Are there different game modes?

Victor: We have 8 biomes planned, with 5 levels each, for a total of 40 levels. There are no extra game modes planned at this time.

For gamers who are competitive, are there leaderboards in Neko Ghost, Jump!?

Victor: Yes there is. In every single level, try to beat another player’s time to top the charts!

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What about the staff, do you guys get competitive when you test out Neko Ghost, Jump!? Who on the team has the best score(s)?

Burgos Games Team: We can get competitive during playtest sessions. Victor has the best scores overall, but there others on the team that get close.

Is Neko Ghost, Jump! single-player only, or will it support multiplayer?

Victor: Single-player only. The sequel, if we get there, will most likely get multiplayer support.

Are there any customization options for your character in Neko Ghost, Jump!?

Victor: There will be hundreds of customization options available for players to tweak their Neko as they please.

How can gamers support the development of Neko Ghost, Jump!?

Victor: We are currently running a Kickstarter and we would greatly appreciate any support. We have great rewards, including a very cute and soft Neko plushie!

When is Neko Ghost, Jump! expected to release, and on what platforms?

Victor: Q1 2021, PC (Win/Linux), Xbox One, PS4, with follow ups with Xbox Series X and PS5 versions if there are any issues, but we anticipate a simultaneous release.

We want to thank Victor Burgos for answering all of our questions about Neko Ghost, Jump!, we’re really looking forward to playing it once it’s released.

To help support the game, be sure to visit the Kickstarter page for Neko Ghost, Jump!, join the game’s official Discord, follow Neko Ghost, Jump! on Twitter, and wishlist Neko Ghost, Jump! on Steam.

If you’re itching to get a feel for the game ahead of its release, you can also find a free demo of Neko Ghost, Jump! on Steam. It’s a ton of fun, we highly recommend checking it out!