Shocking Twists In Games That Will Surprise You (SPOILERS) - LIS

Proof that the person you least suspect can sometimes turn out to be a psycho. 
January 1, 2016 12:21 PM by Morgan Shaver

Life Is Strange

Throughout Life Is Strange, Max and Chloe work together to figure out what caused the disappearance of Rachel Amber, in addition to preventing a catastrophically large tornado (the appropriate term is cyclone, but we digress) from hitting the town of Arcadia Bay. However, when you finally find out who the culprit between Rachel’s disappearance is, it may come as a bit of a shock.

After receiving a strange text message in Episode 4, you enter a junkyard expecting one of the more obvious antagonists in the game to appear, like Nathan Prescott. Instead, lurking in the shadows is none other than your friendly photography teacher, Mr. Jefferson!

Mr. Jefferson is a renowned photographer, and one of the main reasons why Max moves back to Arcadia Bay. While there are several small hints that he may be a bit of an oddball, nothing could have prepared you for the shocking reality of just how sadistic Mr. Jefferson really is. We get that Mr. Jefferson flirts with some of his students, and he berates Max constantly to turn in her photo, but going this far? Definitely a shocker. Even worse is that creepy Mr. Jefferson even straps you to a chair in Episode 5!

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