Move Or Die Review

Prepare to ruin friendships with this fast-paced and hilarious multiplayer game.
July 8, 2016 1:07 PM by Morgan Shaver

If you feel like you have far too many friends on Steam, invite them to join you in a heated match of Move or Die. Those Awesome Guys’ Move or Die is an intense multiplayer platformer that pits you against three friends in a variety of hilarious modes. The game’s name is a perfect representation of what you’re expected to do, as each game mode makes use of the sentiment in countless creative ways.

From painting the floor with your color and subsequently erasing your friend’s colors, to shoving your friends into deadly spikes and other dangerous scenarios, the best strategy when it comes to playing Move or Die is to constantly be in motion. Upon opening the game, you and your friends will each take control of a strange blob character vaguely reminiscent of the Pac-Man ghosts, or one of the other random selections available (our personal favorite is the potato).

After you pick your character, you and your friends will be able to vote for which game mode you want to play, then dive in and start moving like crazy as you fight for the top position. Highly competitive and extremely addictive, Move or Die will have you screaming obscenities as your friend removes your color at the last minute, or coldly betrays you to secure their own victory.

Furthermore, you have no choice but to partake in the craziness, since refusing to move will slowly drain your health and kill you. If you want to win, you must move, and if you move… well, there’s a high chance you’ll probably die. The various matches you and your friends choose from are pretty short, each lasting under 30 seconds. This effectively ups the ante, as you and your friends shift from one game mode to the next.

The game offers plenty of skins to earn and new game modes unlock by gaining experience points. These experience points also aid in boosting the game’s competitive nature, as naturally you earn more points by being the very best. If you wish to retain your friends for a while, or ensure you beat them once they join you in a 4-player match, Move or Die offers a handy offline practice mode where you can battle bots and hone your skills.

Additionally, if you’re really talented at the game, there are Daily Challenges and missions you can complete in order to earn points and unlock more goodies in the game. The game supports mods, includes a free level editor, and offers Steam Workshop support, all of which enable you to create your own characters and craft devious game modes. DLC is always free, the game’s price point is more than fair, and the addictive gameplay effectively serves to make Move or Die one of the best multiplayer indies available on the Steam marketplace. Bottom line, Move or Die is a fast-paced multiplayer frenzy that will test your friendships in the very best of ways.

Buy Move or Die on Steam

  • Fun, highly competitive gameplay
  • Free DLC
  • Extensive mod support
  • Hilarious character skins
  • You may lose a friend or two