Name That Horror Game Screenshot Quiz

If you think you've played every horror game out there, test your knowledge with this tricky quiz.
August 25, 2016 11:58 AM by David Motel

Horror games are one of the most popular gaming genres around, with countless gamers diving in hoping for a good scare or two. Each horror game on the market right now offers its own take on ways to scare you; some that are direct, and others that are more subtle. If you think you've played through every horror game there is, the following screenshot quiz should be a breeze!

Horror Screenshot 1 

In this horror game someone is out for revenge... and you're the target! On the bright side, you are able to find a lovely box of donuts.

Horror Screenshot 2 

Can you make it through a terrifying night of hide-and-seek? Hopefully you'll be doing a little less seeking, and a lot more hiding! 

Horror Screenshot 3

Can you find your way through the halls of this perilous dungeon filled with monsters? 

Horror Screenshot 4

Sure, it looks bright and cheerful now... just make sure you remember to shine your flashlight in all the dark corners of your room when the time comes.

Horror Screenshot 5

Uncover your interesting history and unravel some psychokinetic abilities in this fascinating horror title.

Horror Screenshot 6 

This indie horror title teaches you the important lesson of why you should never hitchhike... ever! 

Horror Screenshot 7 

Painting away your troubles is typically relaxing... except when it's not. 

Horror Screenshot 8

Children of the nope, nope, nope. This one is a hard one... think running away in peril and you're on the right track.

Horror Screenshot 9

When you and your brother have to team up to stop your mother from giving birth... this game wasn't as well-received as its predecessors but hey, we said this quiz would be tricky! 

Horror Screenshot 10 

Sean Bean narrates this chilly Russian tale... and he doesn't die! Although there's a very good chance that you might, so proceed with caution.

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