How to Earn Death Metal in Let It Die

Ways to accrue Death Metal currency in Let it Die.
December 6, 2016 11:54 AM by Morgan Shaver

In Let it Die, there are a few ways in which players can earn Death Metal currency. Although the main way to acquire Death Metal is by purchasing it via microtransactions, there are other ways to earn Death Metal in-game that do not require a cash purchase. This is extremely handy, as Death Metal is arguably one of the most valuable components in Let it Die.

Below, we’ve outlined all the ways in which you can earn Death Metal in Let it Die!

What is Death Metal?

Death Metal is one of the most important forms of currency in Let it Die.

Death Metal is a form of currency in Let it Die capable of resurrecting your Fighter if they perish in battle. The cost of resurrecting your Fighter is 1 Death Metal (as represented by the rainbow skull icon). If you run out of Death Metal, your fallen Fighter will turn into a Hater.

In order to recover your Fighter and return them to your Fighter Freezer, you will need to utilize another Fighter from your Fighter Freezer, find the Hater, and defeat them. Or, you can put in a request to salvage them within your Fighter Freezer in exchange for Kill Coins. Note that in order to progress up the Tower of Barbs, you will need to level up and retain your Fighters. 

Because of this, Death Metal is extremely valuable. It saves you time, effort, and the frustration of having to start from the bottom all over again. 

In Let it Die, Death Metal is marked by a rainbow skull icon. You can view how much Death Metal you own by opening your Death Bag and looking at the top right corner.

After all, the goal of Let it Die is to advance to the top of the Tower of Barbs. To check how much Death Metal you currently have, open up your Death Bag and look at the top right corner. There, you will see your available SPLithium, Kill Coins, and Death Metal.

How to Earn Death Metal

The cost to resurrect your Fighter in Let it Die is 1 Death Metal.

There are a few ways in which you can earn Death Metal in Let it Die. First, Death Metal is available for purchase via microtransactions (spending real money). The cash prices for Death Metal are as follows:

  • 10 Death Metals - $4.99
  • 30 Death Metals - $13.99
  • 80 Death Metals - $32.99
  • 160 Death Metals - $60.99
  • 280 Death Metals - $99.99
The microtransaction cost of purchasing Death Metal in Let it Die.

In addition to Death Metal, you can also purchase an Express Pass which grants you access to several handy features including:

1) A Limited Skill Decal with one of the following effects provided as a daily login bonus:

  • Acquire more Kill Coins inside the tower.
  • Acquire more SPLithium inside the tower.
  • Acquire more EXP inside the tower.
  • Acquire more ABP inside the tower.
  • Increased HP recovery rate.
  • Slows the rate at which equipment durability decreases

2. An increased number of slots (10 slots) inside your Death Bag called “Royal Slots” and are marked by a crown icon. If you stop using the Express Pass service, your Royal Slots will be sent to your rewards box.

3. Access to the Royal Elevator in the Tower of Barbs.

4. Access to the Royal Elevator during raids.

The monthly Express Pass is marked at $14.99 on the PlayStation Store. In addition, there are several other packages up for grabs that offer a mixture of Death Metal, Kill Coins, and unique items. 

Purchasing the Express Pass in Let it Die will grant you access to the Royal Elevator.

Next, you can convert Death Metal into Kill Coins. The conversion cost is 1 Death Metal per 5,000 Kill Coins. You cannot convert Kill Coins into Death Metal.

As such, we strongly recommend keeping your Death Metal rather than converting it for Kill Coins. This is because you can earn Kill Coins relatively easily by kicking open briefcases found on the floor inside the Tower, killing enemies, breaking open large wooden crates found alongside the wall in the Tower, completing quests, and even by participating in raids via the Tokyo Death Metro. 

You also have the opportunity to earn Death Metal daily by checking your Reward Box in the Waiting Room to the right of Let it Die's R&D shop owned by weapons dealer Kommodore Suzuki. 

You can earn Death Metal by checking your rewards box in Let it Die.

Be sure to select and collect your Death Metal reward in the Reward Box, as you cannot accrue more if the box is full. However, you can store Kill Coins and SPLithium in your Reward Box to avoid losing it all to pesky raiders via the Tokyo Death Metro.

The other daily chance to earn Death Metal is by opening the Death Prime box (to the left of the royal elevator in your Waiting Room), delivered by Uncle Death. This can be collected once every 24 hours. Inside, you may find Death Metal, although you should remember that Death Metal is an extremely rare RNG drop in Let it Die

Finally, you can earn Death Metal in Let it Die by visiting Detox and assigning yourself quests that reward Death Metal upon completion.

You may find more Death Metal inside Uncle Death's shiny Death Prime box.

To visit Detox, head to the fountain located in the Waiting Room. Next, move your pointer from Uncle Death over to the girl found behind the arcade counter on her cell phone. Interacting with her will open up a quests menu that displays available quests for you to complete. New quests will unlock the farther up the Tower you climb, so be sure to check back with Detox on a regular basis.

As of right now, you can reliably earn Death Metal currency within the game by checking your two daily drops (Reward Box and Death Prime), and by completing assigned quests. If you're looking to earn bulk Death Metal credits in Let it Die, remember that you can always purchase them in bulk via microtransactions on the PlayStation Store.

By following the outline above, you should now know how to earn Death Metal in Let it Die!