Beginner's Guide to Crafting Items in Let it Die

How to improve and expand your arsenal of weapons and armor in Let it Die.
January 4, 2017 7:42 AM by Morgan Shaver

In Let it Die, the option to craft items is available relatively early on in the game. This is a critical mechanic for beginners to pay attention to when advancing through the Tower of Barbs, and when dealing with pesky raiders via the Tokyo Death Metro. Crafted items (weapons and armor) will have improved stats and durability, thereby decreasing your vulnerability and improving your odds of surviving to see another day... or floor. 

If you’re just getting started and wondering how to craft items in Let it Die, we’ve outlined an easy step-by-step guide below!


Gather unidentified Blueprints while in the Tower of Barbs.

First, you need to collect unidentified Blueprints in to know which materials you need to scavenge. These Blueprints can be found in Let it Die's array of red and silver briefcases located throughout the many floors in the Tower of Barbs. Once you discover an unidentified Blueprintas marked by the series of question marksadd it to your Death Bag.

Next, locate an elevator and use it to navigate your way back down to the Waiting Room. If you're on the first three floors, you can also navigate back down from escalator to escalator. However, elevators are by far the quickest way to return to the Waiting Room in Let it Die.

Locate Kommodore Suzuki in the Waiting Room to turn in your Blueprints.

After arriving in the Waiting Room, head over to Kommodore Suzuki and turn the Blueprints over for identification. Once Kommodore Suzuki has identified the Blueprints, you will be able to find out which materials are needed to craft and improve the identified item. You will occasionally discover duplicates of the same Blueprint, as indicated by their identified status. You can add these Blueprints to your Death Bag and sell them to Kommodore Suzuki for 100 Kill Coins each, but remember that space in your Death Bag is limited.

Gathering Materials

Gather crafting materials like cotton, iron scraps, and aluminum scraps while in the Tower of Barbs.

Now that your Blueprints have been identified, you will need to head back into the Tower of Barbs and collect supplies. On Let it Die's lower levels, some basic crafting materials you’ll find include cotton, iron scraps, aluminum scraps, and veneer planks. As you advance up the Tower, you’ll come across a wide variety of new crafting materials. If you're looking for specific materials, be sure to check this user-created master list shared by Reddit user Uncle Perv with floor-by-floor information. 

Be sure to collect any rare crafting materials you find in the Tower (like items found after Boss Battles) and store them in your Storage Chest for later. Don't leave them behind, as they definitely come in handy! To keep track of the items you need to be on the lookout for, highlight the item you wish to craft in the R&D tab of Kommodore Suzuki's general store. Next, write down the materials using a pen and paper, and check them off as you pick them up within the Tower.

Additionally, you can purchase Blueprints and specific crafting materials from Gyaku-Funsya in exchange for Kill Coins. Gyaku-Funsya spawns on various floors each day. For example, today he's been spotted on Omoki (3F), Koshi-Tagawa (14F), and Nutakoen (17F).  

You can purchase Blueprints and crafting materials from Gyaku-Funsya.

Additionally, you can earn specific crafting materials in the form of Quest rewards. To assign yourself a few Quests, head to the fountain in the Waiting Room and press X. Next, move your pointer over to Naomi, the girl behind the counter on her cell phone. You can scroll through the Quest list and pick and choose which ones you wish to complete depending on what rewards you're after. Finally, after you’ve gathered all the requisite materials, head back to the Waiting Room and interact with Kommodore Suzuki to craft your items.

Crafting Items

You 1 Cotton to craft the DIY Attack Coat in Let it Die.

There are three menu options to choose from when interacting with Kommodore Suzuki. These include buying pre-crafted items, selling items you’ve gathered in the Tower, and at the very bottom, R&D. You’ll want to select the R&D option as indicated by the wrench and hammer symbols. After selecting R&D, you will then be taken to a screen of identified Blueprint items for you to craft. 

The ones that are able to be crafted will be lit up. If you lack the materials, the item will be faded gray. To know which materials are needed, select the item you wish to craft. Next, look at the materials list on the right side. If you're able to craft the item, the materials will be automatically removed from your Death Bag or Storage Chest.

When the crafting process is complete, you can purchase improved weapons and armor in Let it Die.

It will take a few minutes for the crafting process to be complete. Keep checking back in with Kommodore Suzuki, who will eventually deliver a prompt once he’s finished crafting your item. Then, you can purchase the item using Kill Coins in the “buy” tab. Item crafting in Let it Die is not instant, so feel free to pass the time with a quick raid or two via the Tokyo Death Metro.

After a few minutes, head back over to Kommodore Suzuki and check on your item's progress. When the item is complete, Kommodore Suzuki will deliver a voice prompt letting you know that your item is ready for purchase. Next, go ahead and purchase the item using Kill Coins in the “buy” tab.


High durability items will give your Fighter a better chance at survival in Let it Die.

It’s important to keep on the lookout for unidentified Blueprints and crafting materials at all times. Additionally, make frequent trips back down to the Waiting Room to drop off items to avoid losing them upon death. If you die with several valuable items in your Death Bag and you can't bear the loss, you can resurrect yourself using Death Metal. Note that when you run out of Death Metal, you will have to purchase more via microtransactions. 

Equipping crafted items will help keep you alive when climbing the Tower of Barbs, and while raiding other players in the Tokyo Death Metro. If you followed the guide above, you should have no trouble crafting items in Let it Die!

If you're looking for a guide on where to find crafting materials in Let it Die, check out this helpful crafting material location chart shared by Reddit user Uncle Perv.