5 Most Wanted Pokémon GO Features in 2017

These 5 features are at the top of the Pokémon GO player most wanted list. 
January 17, 2017 1:50 PM by Morgan Shaver

Following the game’s initial release last year, we covered the 5 features Pokémon GO players couldn’t wait to see. Fast forward to January of 2017 and we still don’t have features that were promised on top of features given via player feedback.

With around 6 months until Pokémon GO’s 1-year anniversary, we’ve compiled an updated list of 5 of the most wanted Pokémon GO features in 2017.

5. Gen 2/Legendary Pokémon

While the Gen 2 Update was only officially announced back in December, the issue of missing Legendary Pokémon continues to irk players. In the past, a glitch caused Articuno to appear in player accounts. However, Niantic pulled a full Team Rocket and removed the Pokémon, despite the fact that the glitch was at no fault of the player.

With promised events featuring the Legendary Pokémon yet to happen, players are hoping to see at least one opportunity to try their hand at catching Legendary Pokémon this year. Perhaps when Gen 2 Pokémon finally begin to fully roll-out in the game, players will be given their first crack at catching the game’s most coveted Pokémon.