Big Indies in the Humble tinyBuild Bundle

You could say the Humble tinyBuild Bundle is kind of a BIG deal.
May 10, 2017 9:09 AM by Felicia Miranda

For the next 12 days, tinyBuild is throwing a Humble Bundle party and guess what? You’re invited! In the latest indie steal, tinyBuild has included some hard hitting titles that might be hard to resist such as Party Hard, Clustertruck, Guts and Glory, Punch Club, and more.

In similar fashion to other themed bundles, you have control over how much you want to pay and where your money goes. Whether it’s an even divide between the developers and the Humble Bundle tip jar, or a big fat donation to charity, it’s ultimately up to you.

The most tempting part to all this is the game you’ll get if you pay $39.99 or more. A donation that exceeds that dollar amount will lock in your pre-order of Dynamic Pixels’ upcoming stealth horror game, Hello Neighbor along with an artbook and songs inspired by the game. This is in addition to all the alpha versions of the game and the 11 other tinyBuild games. If that wasn’t enough, tinyBuild has also opened up access to the Party Hard 2 alpha build for free.That’s a total of 13 games for the price of one pre-order which ain’t too shabby!

The Humble tinyBuild Bundle will be available until May 23 and any charity donations will be going towards the organizations Stack-up, 1UpOnCancer, and Action Against Hunger. Visit the official Humble Bundle website for details and of course, if you want to cash in on some of that indie game goodness.

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