Prey - Release or Kill Aaron Ingram?

A look at whether you should release Aaron Ingram or kill him in Prey.
May 11, 2017 7:52 AM by Morgan Shaver

In Prey, you’ll come across a prisoner known as Aaron Ingram and will be given the choice to either release him or kill him. This can a complicated decision, as you’ll find Aaron Ingram locked away in the Material Extraction area of Psychotronics and learn that he’s been sentenced to death by Mimic due to criminal activity.

With Talos I being overrun by Typhon, Aaron found himself left behind, his fate uncertain. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Aaron, Morgan Yu has come along. Now that you’ve found him, should you release Aaron Ingram or kill him as originally planned in Prey?

Prey - What Happens if You Kill Aaron Ingram?

You have the option to kill Aaron Ingram by releasing a Mimic into the area where he's being contained in Prey.

First, let’s talk about what happens if you decide to kill Aaron Ingram in Prey. Throughout the game, your actions are being judged as either “good” or “bad.” If you decide to kill Aaron Ingram, you put yourself one step closer to one of the “bad” endings in Prey.

That said, there’s no overt benefit from keeping him alive either. So, if you decide to kill Aaron Ingram in Prey, all you need to do is interact with the computer workstation nearby and select the “Mimic Multiplication” command.

Then, follow the controls to release a Mimic into the area where Aaron Ingram is imprisoned. The Mimic will then kill Aaron and multiply.

Next, you can tap on the “Extract Exotic Materials” key to pick up some useful resources for crafting. While you gain resources, you also lose the key code to the Armory that Aaron Ingram claims to know.

Keep in mind, there are actually a few different ways you can break into the Armory, so you don’t necessarily need Aaron to tell you the code. Nevertheless, killing him will prevent you from unlocking the achievement centered around saving all of the remaining survivors in Talos I.

Prey - What Happens if You Release Aaron Ingram?

If you choose to release Aaron Ingram in Prey, he'll give you the key code to the Armory.

Next, let’s go over what happens if you decide to release Aaron Ingram in Prey. This will be labeled as a “good” action by the game and will bring you one step closer to the “good” ending of the game.

Furthermore, Aaron Ingram was telling the truth in regards to the Armory key code, so you can use his information to gain access to the Armory without needing to break in.

This code is reportedly randomized, so the only real way to learn the Armory key code is to save Aaron Ingram’s life. To save Aaron Ingram, all you need to do is open the red door near the area where Aaron is being kept.

After using Aaron’s info to access the Armory, you’ll find 2 Shotguns, Shotgun Ammo, a Neuromod, a Pistol (and ammo), an EMP Charge, a Weapon Upgrade Kit, and Shotgun/Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plans inside. This is a much better reward than the materials you can harvest for killing Aaron Ingram, and he never returns to stab you in the back either.

This is definitely the choice we strongly recommend, but if you’re looking to get the “bad” ending in Prey (let’s say you got the good ending last time and want to play the opposite this round), you can certainly kill him. However, you’ll generally want to prioritize finding and releasing Aaron Ingram in Prey rather than killing him.

By reading this guide, you should now know whether you should release or kill Aaron Ingram in Prey.