Stardew Valley Review

Expand the farm and interact with your community in Stardew Valley.
July 8, 2016 9:52 AM by Morgan Shaver

ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley is a quaint farming simulator with RPG elements, where you actively work to build up your farm, successfully raise crops, and connect with other community members. Stardew Valley opens on your last conversation with your grandfather, who leaves you a dilapidated farm in a broken, impoverished community. It’s up to you to set this farm and the community in the right place.

There are over 30 NPCs to discover and interact with in Stardew Valley, and each of these NPCs have their own unique personalities. These detailed characters make the atmosphere feel warm and inviting, and their quirks and personality traits encourage you to get to know each one individually.

In addition to slowly building new friendships and relationships, you tend to the farm. Balancing the two is one of the game’s challenges, as you’re free to plant crops and labor the day away. However, it’s definitely to your benefit to take a break and explore the lay of the land. How you play the game, what you do, and what you choose to prioritize is left entirely up to you, which despite the game’s initial appearance, requires a lot of strategy.

Not all tasks are simple, not all tasks are fun, and there are plenty of tasks that require a level of grinding to complete. In addition, figuring out what strategy and system of pacing works best for you can be tricky, since the game’s tutorial is brief and leaves the remaining details up to you to figure out. Once you establish a comfortable rhythm, you’ll find the process of learning how things work and how each member of the community interacts with their environment to be quite enjoyable.

From the people you choose to get to know, to how grand you want to build your farm, each game is unique. Overall, Stardew Valley is more than a brightly colored farming RPG. It’s a wonderfully fleshed out experience that is easy to get lost in for hours, and encourages players to strategize not only their own gameplay, but how that gameplay affects those around them.

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  • Addictive gameplay
  • NPCs are given their own personality traits
  • Each game feels unique based on player decision
  • Minor glitches with action controls