Titan Souls Review

Use a single arrow to take down giant titans in Titan Souls.
July 11, 2016 8:09 AM by Morgan Shaver

Titan Souls, developed by Acid Nerve and published by Devolver Digital, is a 2D action/adventure game that dares to ask players whether or not they’re willing to give up their steady supply of ammo in favor of a bow and a single arrow. At first, fighting against monstrous titans with a single arrow on hand may seem ludicrous. However, once you become accustomed to your lack of resources, the game takes on a more fun and strategic approach. Titan Souls follows the adventures of a nameless child as he single-handedly fights off various Goliaths with his bow and lone arrow.

The game simplifies (and also complicates), the idea of combat by stripping everything down and forcing players to think tactically. The in-game story is filtered away, and the game instead focuses heavily on its top-down hardcore boss battles. Insanely difficult, Titan Souls requires a deft hand and an ample amount of patience. However, the act of overthrowing a giant with the odds stacked so heavily against you makes Titan Soul’s brutal difficulty a rewarding experience.

The controls are straightforward, with the main objective to vanquish your enormous foe by making every move count. When pulling back your bow, the longer the draw the farther your arrow flies. Distance is important, with a single arrow at your disposal you’ll naturally have to retrieve it after each shot (while trying not to get killed in the process). While chasing after your arrow you’ll have the ability to walk, run, roll, or use willpower (by firmly planting your feet) to drag it back towards you.

Sadly, there’s not much to interact with in Titan Souls beyond the monsters you need to defeat. Nevertheless, stripping down the game to the bare basics is what make Titan Souls so enjoyable. It is everything you expect the game to be, and the surprise is in your own skill and ability. You’ll be amazed by what you can do as a small child with inadequate weaponry, especially if you’re used to FPS games where ammo is plentiful. 

Each behemoth you face will have different attack styles, range of attack, movement speeds, and optimal places to dole out the most damage. Every battle you partake in has been seamlessly put together by the developers to test your brainpower. Simply move about the pixelated world from fight to fight, and plan out your next method of attack.

In conclusion, while the game is definitely difficult there are checkpoints that will allow you to regroup and try again without growing too furious. With dozens of titans to slay and only one arrow to slay them with, Titan Souls is a fantastic foray into puzzle solving, strategy, and frenzied battles. Definitely give clashing with these titans a go!

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  • Difficult, yet rewarding
  • Requires a great deal of strategy
  • Checkpoints to save your progress
  • Not enough to see in-between battles
  • Lacking story